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Terms of Service Agreement

We are Anne Arundel County’s Premier Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Company since 2011

General Agreement for Service

Our policies are designed to ensure your peace of mind, ease of access to our services, and safety for your pet and for the sitter. If you have any questions or concerns about any of our policies, please ask.

Our 100% Commitment to Client Satisfaction

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the quality of our service, we will make it right to assure your complete satisfaction. Contact FuzzyMates Pet Care within seven (7) days to discuss the issue and how we can best address it.

To Schedule Service

To schedule service, please log in to your client portal in Time to Pet: https://www.timetopet.com/portal

Click on Scheduling, then Request New Service. If you have any issues, you may contact us directly at 410-437-2653 or info@fuzzymates.com. You will receive confirmation of your reservation via email within 24 hours. Please make pet sitting reservations as far in advance as possible, especially for busy holiday periods.

Pet sitting service hours: 7:00am – 9:00pm. Overnight Care: 8:00/9:00pm to 8:00/9:00am. Includes 30-minute dinner visit between 4-6 pm.

Payment: You may pay for services directly through your client portal with a credit/debit card. We also accept checks (payable to FuzzyMates Pet Care) and cash. An invoice will be emailed to you on the last scheduled day of service. We will bill your credit card or collect payment at that time. You may pay your balance in full at any time.

Gratuity: Tipping is not expected, but is very much appreciated. 100% of your tip goes directly to the pet sitter. You may add gratuity to your invoice when paying online and it will appear in the sitter’s paycheck. Of course, you may tip your sitter directly if you choose.

Daily dog walks

If you regularly book Monday-Friday dog walks, the deadline to submit your reservation request is Sunday at 5:00pm for that week. The weekly schedule for our dog walkers is finalized on Sunday evenings, so it is critical that all requests, changes to existing reservations or cancellations are in by that time. A $2.00 per visit late booking fee will be added to all late requests.

Cancellation policy: We require 24-hour advance notice if you need to cancel any individual dog walk, or the full amount of that individual booking will be charged.

Note: When walking large dogs or more than one dog at a time, we prefer not to use retractable leashes; instead, we will walk your dog(s) using cotton or nylon leashes. If you do not have them, we will use ours.

Vacation/travel pet visits

In general, we recommend you contact us at least one month prior to your travel dates, particularly for overnight stays and during busy holiday periods. We will do our best to accommodate late requests. We require 24 hours advance notice for any booking reservation. Same day requests will include a $2.00 per visit late booking fee. For pet sitting reservations of 5 consecutive days or more, a 50% deposit is now required prior to starting service. The deposit is due on the first day of service and you will be billed for the balance on the last day of service.

Cancellation policy: We require 72 hours advance notice if you need to cancel your reservations or you will be charged 50% of the reservation fee. During the holidays, Dec 23-January 2 we require 7 days advance notice or you will be charged 50% of the reservation fee.

Holiday pet sitting reservations

A $2.00 per visit and $5.00 per overnight stay fee will be added to bookings over the Thanksgiving Holiday (Thursday-Sunday) and Christmas (December 23-January 2.) This will replace the 10.00 per visit fee on Thanksgiving day, Christmas day and New Year’s day.

Early Return or Late Departure from Home

Reservations are made to plan for sitter availability for Client’s reservation dates. Therefore, Clients returning home early or departing later than the reservation will be required to pay for the full reservation amount of time, regardless of whether Client returned home early or departed later than the prior reservation scheduled.

Home Access

Fuzzymates Pet Care will keep Client’s key securely in our possession until service is completed or otherwise instructed by you. If you have an access code in lieu of key, please enter that information in the home access field in your client portal. If you require a special trip to pick up and return your key for future visits, there will be a 10.00 key pick up/return fee.

Injury to Client animal(s) by another animal

FuzzyMates Pet Care and its staff will not be responsible for any animal(s) that instigate fights with other animals or is injured by another animal while in FuzzyMates care. FuzzyMates will take all appropriate actions to ensure that Client’s animal(s) are not placed in the company of aggressive or violent animals and/or will immediately remove Client’s animal(s) from any animal fight.

Injury or escape of animals

Client and sitter are aware that the highest level of care shall be given to any and all pets under care of the pet sitter employed by FuzzyMates Pet Care. Client is aware that pet(s) are instinctual in nature and not always controllable by the sitter even when the highest level of care is provided. Should the Client’s animal(s) run away or be injured, the Client agrees that FuzzyMates Pet Care will not be responsible for any liability. The above waiver of liability in favor of FuzzyMates shall not apply or be effective if FuzzyMates conduct in providing its pet care services is found to be grossly negligent, reckless, or if there is intentional misconduct.

Injury to Pet Sitter or another person by Client’s Animal(s)

Client will be responsible for all medical expenses and damages resulting from an injury to pet sitter or other persons by the Client’s pet(s). Client agrees to pay the full cost of any and all medical expenses and damages should they arise to the FuzzyMates pet sitter or the pet sitter’s possessions as a result of the Client’s animal(s) actions. Client agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend FuzzyMates in the event of a claim by any person injured by the Client’s pet(s).

Unsafe Pet(s)

This agreement permits FuzzyMates Pet Care to use discretion to stop and end service at any time that Client’s pet(s) pose a danger to the safety and health of itself, other pets, other people or FuzzyMates sitters/walkers.

Off-leash Dog(s)

Some of our Clients request off-leash activity and play for their dog(s). Client is aware and agrees that the Client’s dog(s) may be off-leash in designated dog parks and other legal-for-dogs areas in order to provide maximum exercise and play for Client’s dog(s). Client agrees that should the Client’s dog(s) run away or be injured during the off-leash hike and play time, neither FuzzyMates Pet Care nor FuzzyMates walkers/sitters will be held liable for any damages resulting to people or other animals or to the Client’s dog(s).

Solicitation of FuzzyMates Pet Care Sitters

Client agrees that the pet sitter provided by FuzzyMates Pet Care is employed through FuzzyMates Pet Care and is contracted to work only through FuzzyMates and not directly through the individual Client. Client agrees that all reservations for present and future sitting and dog walking must be made through FuzzyMates and not the individual sitter.

Client is aware that the FuzzyMates sitter may give out his/her personal number to the Client. Client agrees that this number shall not be used for any solicitation of future pet sitting or dog walking.

Client Home Care Needs

FuzzyMates Pet Care is not responsible for wilted, dead or otherwise unhealthy plants. FuzzyMates sitters will work hard to follow written plant care instructions as precisely as possible, but cannot be responsible if the results are not favorable to the Client.

FuzzyMates Pet Care is not responsible for damage to the home beyond the control of the sitter. This includes, but is not limited to: electrical problems, leaks, and acts of nature. All repairs to home and related fees will be paid by Client or fully reimbursed to FuzzyMates within seven (7) days of Client’s return date.

FuzzyMates Pet Care is not responsible for any damage to the property or home of the Client unless such damage is caused by the negligent act of FuzzyMates.

FuzzyMates Pet Care is not liable for any loss or damage in the event of a burglary or other crime that should occur while under this contract. Client agrees to secure home prior to leaving the premises. FuzzyMates Pet Care will attempt to resecure the home according to Client instructions at the end of each visit.

Client is responsible for pet-proofing house and yard and security fences/gates/latches. FuzzyMates Pet Care will not be responsible for the safety of the pet(s) and will not be liable for the death, injury, disappearance or legal consequences of any pet(s) with unsupervised access to the outdoors.

Pet Illness/Veterinary Care

In the event of a pet emergency, Client grants authorization to take your pet to a veterinarian for care. If possible, we will call you in advance, but your signature grants us your permission to seek veterinary attention for your pet in the event of an emergency. Client is aware and agrees to the medical costs of any fees should they arise from animal(s) being ill or otherwise needing veterinary care. Client agrees to pay FuzzyMates Pet Care the sum of $40/per hour should the sider need to take the pet(s) to veterinarian.

Conditions of Service and Contingency Plans

FuzzyMates Pet Care agrees to provide the services selected in a reliable, caring, and trustworthy manner. As an expressed condition of these services, you agree to waive any and all liability against FuzzyMates except for that arising from gross negligence or misconduct. If you grant access to others to your home to help with pet care or for other services, you agree to waive all liability against FuzzyMates. Please leave us an emergency contact in case of unforeseen circumstances. If the FuzzyMates Pet Care Pro becomes incapacitated due to illness or injury; we will call a backup Pet Sitter to provide care until the original sitter is able to complete the remainder of the assignment. If we are providing services in your home and the home becomes inaccessible or unlivable during an emergency (such as a weather emergency) or if an evacuation order has been given, we will notify you and will take your pet to the home of a friend, family member, or emergency contact whom you designate, or to our own home or other safe location until the emergency has passed.


The terms of this agreement apply to all pets owned by the Client, including any and all new pets that the Client obtains on or after the date that this agreement was signed, at any and all locations the Client designates for service.

By signing below Client agrees that he/she has read this agreement in its entirety and fully understands and accepts its terms and conditions.

I have read the above and by signing below, I agree to the conditions listed above:

FuzzyMates Pet Care provides pet sitting, dog walking, dog sitting, cat sitting, overnight pet sitting for the following zip codes in Anne Arundel County, Md. 21122, 21056, 21226, 21060, 21144, 21108, 21146.

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