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Terms of Service Agreement

General Agreement for Service

Our policies are designed to ensure your peace of mind, ease of access to our services, and safety for your pet and for the sitter. If you have any questions or concerns about any of our policies, please ask.

Our 100% Commitment to Client Satisfaction

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the quality of our service, we will make it right to assure your complete satisfaction. Contact FuzzyMates Pet Care within seven (7) days to discuss the issue and how we can best address it.

Schedule Service

To schedule service, contact us directly at 410-437-2653 or mary@fuzzymates.com. You will receive confirmation of your reservation within 24 hours. Please make pet sitting reservations as far in advance as possible, especially for busy holiday periods. In general, we recommend you contact us at least one month prior to the assignment dates.

Pet sitting service hours: 7am – 9pm.

Cancellation policy: We require a minimum 2-hour advance notice if you need to cancel any assignment. Without notice, cancellation fees may apply.

Payment: We accept checks (payable to FuzzyMates Pet Care) Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal and cash. At the beginning of your requested service(s) we will bill your credit card or collect payment.

Your Pet:

For your pet’s safety and for your own peace of mind, we strongly recommend that the American Veterinary Medical Association vaccinate your pet against rabies according to recommendations. We also strongly recommend that your pet have current flea and tick prevention. We recommend that your pet wear a collar with identification (even if the pet is micro chipped) when FuzzyMates is providing services. We do not offer off-leash dog walks. When walking large dogs or more than one dog at a time, we prefer not to use retractable leashes; instead, we will walk your dog(s) using cotton or nylon leashes. If you do not have them, we will use ours. Your cat will be kept indoors, regardless of whether you let it outdoors when you are home. Medication: FuzzyMates Pet Care Pros will administer oral medication and provide insulin injections only.

Conditions of Service and Contingency Plans

If you are granting us access to your home to provide services, FuzzyMates agrees to provide the services selected in a reliable, caring, and trustworthy manner. As an expressed condition of these services, you agree to waive any and all liability against FuzzyMates except for that arising from gross negligence or misconduct. If you grant access to others to your home to help with pet care or for other services, you agree to waive all liability against FuzzyMates. Please leave us an emergency contact in case of unforeseen circumstances. If the FuzzyMates Pet Care Pro becomes incapacitated due to illness or injury; we will call a backup Pet Care Pro to provide care until the original sitter is able to complete the remainder of the assignment. If we are providing services in your home and the home becomes inaccessible or unlivable during an emergency (such as a weather emergency) or if an evacuation order has been given, we will notify you and will take your pet to the home of a friend, family member, or emergency contact whom you designate, or to our own home or other safe location until the emergency has passed.

Home Access

If you are granting us access to your home, your signature below gives us permission to keep your key and/or access code in our possession until service is completed or otherwise instructed by you.

Emergency Care

In the event of a pet emergency, we want your authorization to take your pet to a veterinarian for care. If possible, we will call you in advance, but your signature below grants us your permission to seek veterinary attention for your pet in an emergency.


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