Pets are family

We cherish them as you do

A Passion for Pet Care

FuzzyMates is a team of pet lovers serving pet lovers

Trust is Everything

A company you can select with confidence, knowing that we are bonded, insured, and Red Cross Pet First Aid Certified. We’ll be there for your furry family members with our training and expertise when you can't be.

Personalized Service

We work together to develop a personalized plan to maximize the comfort, safety and joy for both you and your pet, delivered by a certified Pet Care Professional who is qualified to work in your home.

Our Services

Providing pet care in the following zip codes:
21122, 21056, 21226, 21060, 21061, 21144, 21108, 21146

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Dog Walking

Daily exercise keeps your pooch in good physical shape and mental spirits. We will design a walking plan tailored to fit your pet’s needs. You will arrive home to a calmer, happier companion. You can count on us to provide your dog with fresh water and food, pick up his waste, clean his paws, and lavish him with all the loving attention your furry friend deserves.

  • 17.00 - 15 minute walk
  • 20.00 - 30 minute walk
  • 2.00 - per additional dog per walk

Pet Sitting

Whether you're at work, out of town or out for the evening, we'll visit your pet to provide companionship, fresh water and food, a walk or romp in the backyard for his toileting needs, and plenty of pats, chin scratches and personalized affection.

  • 17.00 - 15 minute visit
  • 20.00 - 30 minute visit
  • 36.00 - 60 minute visit
  • 2.00 - per additional pet per visit

Overnight Care

We'll come to your home in the early evening and stay overnight to provide continual care to your pet and home. You'll rest easy knowing that your pet will feel comfortable and safe in his familiar surroundings and that your home will be looked after. This service is especially useful if you have pets needing medications or time-sensitive care.

  • 75.00 - per night includes dinner visit and morning feed/walk
  • 5.00 - per additional dog

Special Needs Care

Do you have a beloved pet with a medical condition that requires special care? Combined with pet sitting services we will administer oral medications or insulin at a prescribed time of day.

  • 5.00 - additional when included with pet sitting visit.
    No charge when medications are mixed with food.

Pet Transportation

Whether to the groomer, a doggie play date, the vet or the airport, we’ll drive your pet to wherever he needs to go. We can also help if you need us to pick up supplies.

  • Starting at 25.00 - please call for more information

Pet Waste Pickup

No matter how many pets you have, we’ll come and do the dirty work for you. Be it in the yard, the litter box or a pet’s cage or habitat, all waste will get scooped and neatly bagged, allowing you more quality family time for you to spend with your pet.

  • Starting at 25.00 - please call for more information


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About Us

Pet lovers with roots in Anne Arundel County

As an avid animal lover, owner/operator Mary Dixon has been providing professional pet care services since 2011. A long time resident of Anne Arundel County, Mary’s experience and knowledge of the area and her clients is invaluable. She takes great pride in providing them with excellent customer service, flexibility and peace of mind, resulting in loyal and happy pet parents.

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